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Cedars Cancer Foundation

 Based in Montreal, Quebec, The Cedars Cancer Institute is a hospital-based foundation whose mission is to provide comprehensive support to McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) cancer patients and their families, and funding for crucial equipment and facilities used by healthcare professionals at the MUHC.

Since its inception, Cedars has fulfilled this mission by providing much-needed funds to:

1. Purchase state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment
2. Improve facilities for the treatment and care of cancer patients, such as the creation of the Cedars Breast Clinic and other important cancer-care facilities throughout the MUHC
3. Establish the Cedars CanSupport program, which offers free-of-charge psychosocial, practical, educational, emotional and humanitarian assistance to cancer patients and their families. As well, CanSupport provides a wide range of Complementary Therapies to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being for patients and their families
4. Support cancer research, provide fellowships for visiting professors and improve public awareness of cancer-related issues through lectures and education

Cedars was established in 1966, originally as the Harley Chamandy Memorial Fund of the Royal Victoria Hospital and later as the Cedars Cancer Research Fund. A dedicated group from the Lebanese community of Montreal planted the seeds for what is today The Cedars
Cancer Institute.

The original purpose of the organization was, and continues to be, to raise funds for the fight against cancer. This mission began at the Royal Victoria Hospital and today provides services throughout the MUHC. Cedars’ beginnings focused on research and the purchase of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment and facilities. Over the past 40 years, efforts have focused on patient care and cancer education. A network of psychosocial and humanitarian support for the cancer patients and their families is provided by the Cedars CanSupport program and the Wilfrid Howick Humanitarian Fund.

Cedars’ strong commitment to cancer education is demonstrated by the creation of the Fellowship Fund, providing cancer specialists with the opportunity to further their education in order to benefit the hospital, the university and, above all, cancer patients. In addition, Cedars has created two annual Visiting Professorships in Oncology that bring world-renowned researchers, educators and physicians to the MUHC. There is the Vivian Saykaly Visiting Professorship in Medical Oncology, established via a generous endowment by the Saykaly family in honour of Mrs. Saykaly, and the Edward J. Tabah Visiting Professorship in Surgical Oncology, formed in memory of our beloved Founding Doctor, Dr. Eddie Tabah.

The Cedars Cancer Institute is constantly searching for better and more creative ways to ease the strain that cancer imposes on the lives of so many people.

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